Organic French Royal Jelly

  • Gelée Royale Française Bio, traçabilité garantie

Organic French Royal Jelly


Traceability, Quality, 100% French Guarantee, harvested in Isère. Fresh organic product, not frozen. A rare food.

Royal jelly, a natural substance produced by bees, is the queen's exclusive food. It allows him to live forty times longer than other bees. It is a concentrate of amino acids essential to life, vitamins (B, A, C, D, E), mineral salts and trace elements essential to the body. Royal jelly contributes to the proper functioning and regulation of our nervous and muscular system as well as to the maintenance of a healthy physiological balance. Our Royal Jelly is harvested under rigorous hygienic conditions, it is fresh, not frozen and thus retains its natural structures and its nutritional potential.

In no case royal jelly can replace a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Gelée Royale Bio
  • USE

Traditionally, royal jelly is used for its rebalancing, antioxidant and toning properties. It is especially apt for daily consumption in phases of recovery, to fight premature aging and even to improve loss of appetite. It can also help fight depressive states.

Instructions for use

A pot of 10 grams is equivalent to a twenty-day cure. Consumption is best on an empty stomach, in the morning in order to let the contents of the measuring spoon have their best impact as they melt under one’s tongue. Our French Organic Royal Jelly is not frozen.

It is unprocessed, and its traceability is guaranteed thanks to a unique number on the pot. Store in a refrigerator between + 2 ° C and + 5 ° C.

Price/kg : 3000 €

Profil nutritionnel pour 100g de Gelée Royale : 

Composition moyenne pour 100g de Gelée RoyaleValeur nutritionnelle et énergétique pour 100g de Gelée Royale
Valeur énergétique633,5 kj / 105,3 kcal
Graisses4,2 g 154,5 kj / 37,6 kcal 
Sucres13,2 g221,4 kj / 52,8 kcal
Protéines13,9 g 233,1 kj / 55,6 kcal
Sels0,1313 g0,3 kj / 0,1 kcal
Vitamine B10,51 mg46 % VNR
Vitamine B20,96 mg69 % VNR
Vitamine B35,4 mg 34 % VNR
Acide pantothénique (B5) 10,5 mg 175 % VNR
Vitamine B6 0,47 mg 34 % VNR
Biotine (B8)0,107 mg 214 % VNR
Acide folique (B9)0,044 mg22 % VNR
Cuivre0,51 mg 51 % VNR
Phosphore215 mg 31 % VNR
Zinc2,22 mg 22 % VNR

*VNR : Valeur nutritionnelle de référence 

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