New : Litchi honey from Madagascar

The flavour of Litchi honey is very fragrant and fruity with notes of rose. Its colour is clear and its texture creamy. Its tropical scents make us travel in a universe of flavours very different from the honeys of our regions. Discover
pollen frais

Our fresh pollen harvested in France

It comes from the diversity of the species present; dandelion, rapeseed, poppy, fruit trees, maple, hawthorn, viperine. It is rich in micronutrients and phytoestrogens. BUY


We have selected for you the best "crus" of honey, harvested in France and on the other side of the world. Each honey has been thoroughly analyzed in a specialized laboratory to guarantee its purity. We use cold extraction in the most beekeeping tradition. 

Apiculteur Miel Factory


The survival of over 80% of the world's plant species depends on bees, which make up more than half of our global food resources! Miel Factory is a partner of the association Terre d'Abeilles, the only NGO specialized in the defense of bees, it is force of proposals and concrete initiatives with the French and European governmental authorities. 

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